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Our physical locations are temporarily closed, but that doesn’t mean our community isn’t thriving. We are still here to help you find your healthy balance in while we navigate this new normal! 

Our dietitians are seeing new clients via Telehealth, our trainers are running several FREE fitness classes a day, and we have memberships available for additional classes. We are hosting live cooking classes, have a mental health therapist leading weekly checkins, and have just kicked off a brand new membership option: The Lime Green Quaran-Team!

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1 week ago

A Healthy Balance

One of our AHB Rockstars posted this the other day... As her trainer, how would you expect us to respond?

"No excuses! JUST DO IT"?
"You have to EARN your bikini bod before a beach trip"?

Nope... none of the above. Instead we had a conversation about motivation and why she didn't feel like working out.
•Would a (appropriately socially distanced 😉) trip to the beach help her reset mentally? Maybe it's a mental health over physical workout kind of day.
•How had her consistency been the rest of the week? Sliding for several workouts in a row is an indicator of a bigger issue vs just an off day.
•Would a short, quick workout and then the beach be a good compromise? Sometimes just getting started with a workout is the hardest part and not feeling like you HAVE to workout for a full hour helps.

In the end, she decided that she was tired, but the kind of tired that may actually be helped by the energy you get from a workout. So she did one of our short pre-recorded workouts and felt better after!

The message about exercise often gets distorted and often it is done by the fitness industry. We start to feel like we have to workout every day, that if we don't do a workout we failed at something, that our trainer is going to be mad at us for skipping. As a trainer, I can guarantee you that sometimes a mental reset and opting for the beach trip is just what you need. If more days than not you are moving your body, you're doing ok.

When you are having these moments of struggle I recommend a quick self check in. (And trust me we all do) Why don't I want to exercise? What are my goals? Would I feel better if I did exercise? Would a different type of exercise than I planned on be a better option for me today?

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