Endurance Coaching

“There are two kinds of people who cross the finish line: Those who immediately look at their Timex watch and frown  because they wanted to go faster, and those who look up to the sky and rejoice that they have done something fantastic and soul-affirming.” – Gina Kolata

Why do I need a coach? Isn’t it just left foot, right foot, repeat?

Have you ever wanted to “be a runner” or try a tri, but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you are already a runner, but have trouble keeping yourself accountable? Have you been chasing a PR or a BQ for years, but just can’t seem to close the gap?  Alicia has years of experience coaching runners and triathletes from first timers wanting to cross their first 5K finish line to seasoned athletes with walls full of race medals! 

1:1 Remote Coaching Includes:

  • Initial assessment of current status and goals
  • Injury screening (if local)
  • Recommendations for injury prevention
    • Strength training
    • Stretching/mobility work
  • Individualized training plan updated weekly via Training Peaks
  • Unlimited coach/athlete communication
  • Race day strategy session

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