Are you feeling unsettled or completely isolated in this time?
Is your routine basically non-existent?
Are you feeling unmotivated, lost, or just generally discouraged around your health?
I think we are all feeling a bit uneasy right now. Our routines are completely thrown off and we are physically separated from most, if not all, of our social supports. The novelty of physical distancing is starting to wear off and we are adjusting to this as our new temporary normal. While it may seem odd, now is a really important time to be focusing on your health, both physical and mental. It may feel like everything is out of our control and “what’s the point?” But your health is always an area that you have control over. And we want to help support you as you search for your healthy balance during these weird times. You are never alone…

One of the greatest parts about A Healthy Balance is the community, which is why we want to invite you to join our Lime Green Quaran-Team!

What is included:
•Our e-book Physical Distance Survival Guide, packed with tips for managing your nutrition, fitness and mental health
•Unlimited access to all of our virtual fitness classes and recordings
•Daily resources and tips delivered via our app MyCoach
•An individual coaching session with one of our AHB staff
•A customized 5 day meal plan and review with one of our dietitians
•Ongoing access to our AHB coaches and dietitians for questions, support, coaching, etc
•Participation in our weekly challenges
•Access to our closed AHB Facebook group for ongoing support, comradery, ridiculous memes, recipes, etc

Monthly membership fee: $99

Sound like a good fit for you?! Email to get started.