Corporate Wellness

wellness-peopleinworkshopA Healthy Balance, Inc. offers a variety of corporate wellness programs combining our signature style with traditional wellness services designed to educate you and your employees on all things wellness. Our team of health professionals is committed to providing your employees with the motivation, tools and resources to integrate health and wellness into their lifestyle both in and out of the workplace.


How We Help Our Clients

Whether your organization is looking to introduce a new wellness initiative or to enrich an existing program, AHB can tailor a Wellness Solution to fit the unique wellness goals of your team.  We work with both small and large organizations in a variety of industries to deliver comprehensive programs with both on-site and online options, making wellness not only easy-to-implement but highly accessible to your entire team. We work closely with you to promote wellness and create a sustainable, company-wide wellness initiative. Our clients turn to wellness not only to create a healthier workplace, reduce stress, and improve employee health, but they also integrate wellness to engage employees, boost performance and retain key members of their team.


A recent survey of AHB wellness program participants found: 

69% said they felt more connected to their coworkers and organization

82% said they felt their wellness program made a positive impact on their work environment


Wellness Solutions Packages

Wellness Solutions Packages bring wellness to a whole new level. We combine A Healthy Balance, Inc.’s signature style with an easy-to-implement approach to your team. Through comprehensive programs designed to educate, motivate, and engage employees, easy-to-access resources, on-site programs, and friendly competition, we aim to integrate wellness into your company culture.



Ready to get started on your wellness program?

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