Corporate Wellness Services

wellness-educatepeopleWe provide a full scope of custom-designed training and educational programs covering; ideas on nutrition and healthy eating, tips to fitting in fitness and creating a workout routine, strategies for decreasing stress, workplace wellness hacks, healthy-but-easy recipes, smart snacking ideas, motivation and goal setting, injury prevention and safety guidelines, and tips to striking a work-life balance.


Consulting and Coaching

  • Custom Program Design
  • Management Coaching and Consulting
  • Wellness Committee Consulting
  • Wellness Incentive Program
  • Wellness Room and Fitness Center Design
  • Health Fair and Wellness Event Coordination
  • Vending Machine and Corporate Dining Consulting


Wellness Education and Resources

  • Health-E: Employee Wellness Portal
  • Healthy-Made-Easy Educational Posters
  • Healthy Bites: Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • Wellness Wednesdays Weekly Quick Tip Email


Wellness Evaluations and Assessments

  • Organization Wellness Audit
  • Wellness Questionnaire and Health Risk Assessments
  • Biometric and Risk Factor Assessments


Onsite Events and Company-Wide Programs

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Wellness Service Descriptions

See below for a detailed description of each of our Wellness Program Services.


Healthy Bites: Monthly Wellness Newsletter

A Healthy Balance, Inc.’s monthly wellness newsletter, Healthy Bites, is designed to educate you on all things wellness. Each month we serve up a variety of health and wellness topics delivered directly to your team’s inbox. You’ll find health awareness articles, prevention guides, healthy-made-easy quick tips, nutrition and fitness myth busting, health how-to’s, wellness DIY, exercise demonstrations, health recommendations straight from the pros, easy to-make-recipes, and more.

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Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip Emails

Wellness Wednesday emails are your teams’ weekly guide to making healthy easy, and keeping wellness at the forefront of your employee’s day to day lives. Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip emails keep your team healthy and balanced with quick tips and easy workplace wellness hacks delivered directly to their inbox.

Health-E: AHB’s Wellness Portal

Health-E: AHB’s Wellness Portal is part of our easy-to-implement Wellness Solutions Packages. Health-E makes wellness highly accessible to you and your whole team with 24/7 access to wellness tools and resources in the office, at home, and on the go.

Each employee will access the portal with a personal site log-in. Here they can access downloadable program materials and wellness resources, register for events and activities, log points for participation and wellness incentives, find information on your organization’s specific wellness program, complete the Wellness Questionnaire, and connect with AHB coaches.

Health-E: can be linked with your existing employee benefits or wellness page, or we can add your organization’s employee benefits information and resources such as preventive wellness coverage, covered benefits including nutrition and fitness reimbursements, prescription drug coverage, FSA card use, or other applicable information.

Organization administrators will receive an admin log-in so they can easily access information and statistics on employee participation and program attendance that may impact employee premium differentials, rewards, or incentive programs.

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Wellness Questionnaire and Health Risk Assessment

Our Wellness Questionnaire and Health Risk Assessment is designed to collect information on employee personal health habits, identify health risks across the organization, and gain insight into what your team is looking for in a wellness program.

The questionnaire is quick and easy to complete online or a mobile device. Information is used to build a program focused on driving employee engagement, and positively impacting wellness trends on both an individual and organizational level.

Employee individual responses and personal health information is kept confidential; aggregate results are shared with management through a password protected link.

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Organization Wellness Audit

A wellness audit is a snapshot of your organization’s work environment. Through an audit, we can align leadership teams, identify common organizational goals, highlight existing strengths in company culture that support wellness, address potential barriers or threats to integrating wellness, and identify opportunities to improve existing wellness efforts to design a sustainable wellness program. In creating a program, there are often several moving parts. We take a methodical approach to develop wellness solutions that fit your organization.


We begin by assessing your organization and employee population though meetings with the leadership team, surveying employees, touring your organization’s facility and interacting with your team. We’ll gather information regarding what types of wellness or employee programs have been offered, what has been successful, and what you hope to achieve through doing a program.


The information is then analyzed to identify areas of need or gaps in health and wellness resources, environmental, cultural, or industry related barriers to wellness, ways you may unknowingly be incorporating wellness into your culture, and opportunities to maximize existing company policies and norms to support a wellness program.


Management will receive a report with customized wellness recommendations targeted to engage employees, make a positive impact on your organization, and maximize your investment.

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Wellness Incentive Program

Boost your organization’s bottom line and increase your return on investment with a Wellness Incentive Program. Incentive programs are a point-based rewards system targeted to drive engagement, boost participation, and encourage employees to create positive lifestyle changes.

As employees participate in wellness programs, make positive lifestyle changes, and actively seek preventative health services, they can log activities to earn points in Health-E: AHB’s Wellness Portal. Each wellness program activity holds a point value based on the effort required and the impact on personal health. The total amount of points an employee can earn will be based on your wellness program’s specific structure. The value of prizes and rewards earned for each point bracket will be tailored to fit your organizations incentive budget.

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Management Coaching and Consulting

Management coaching and consulting throughout your program will ensure wellness goals and messages are understood and being carried out among your management team and staff leadership. We’ll work with you to promote wellness initiatives to employees, leverage existing wellness resources, collaborate with your broker or insurance carrier, consult on purchasing wellness products and workplace amenities, and offer insight on available program funding such as training grants and wellness tax credits. Our goal is to integrate all of these components into a comprehensive program to maximize your wellness ​investment.

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Welcome to Wellness Kick Off

Wellness Solutions Packages include a Welcome To Wellness Kick-Off. This is an opportunity to introduce your organization’s specific wellness program, demonstrate Health-E: AHB’s Wellness Portal, and get your team excited about upcoming programs and events. Kick-Offs can be done on-site, virtually, or by campaign announcements.

Each employee will receive a Welcome To Wellness email from A Healthy Balance, Inc. with an introduction to the program, a link to Health-E, information on how to register for programs, where to find wellness resources, how to contact AHB coaches, and how to set their wellness communication email preferences. Throughout the program new hires will receive a welcome email and employees will be informed periodically of program updates.

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Company Wide Fitness Challenges

A Healthy Balance, Inc.’s team-based challenges are designed to get employees actively engaged in their health and well-being through friendly competition. They provide the tools, education, and motivation to help participants create a foundation of healthy habits and to successfully fit exercise into their daily routine. All challenges are logged using Health-E: AHB’s Wellness Portal.

The 30:30 Challenge

The 30:30 Challenge is designed to motivate employees to take it past the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of exercise a day 5 days of the week. We “challenge” them to step it up and get 30 minutes a day for 1 full month!

8 Weeks To Wellness

8 Weeks to Wellness combines a fitness challenge with building healthy lifestyle habits. Participants earn 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise and are challenged to not only reach, but exceed the recommendation of  150 minutes per week! Weekly bonus challenges incorporating healthy eating habits, stress management, team building, and overall wellness will help participants build healthier lifestyle habits.

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Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

A Healthy Balance, Inc.’s Healthy Cooking Demonstrations are presented by A Healthy Balance, Inc.’s team of food-loving Cooking Coaches and Registered Dietitians who combine a fun, engaging and interactive demonstration with a nutrition workshop, open Q&A, and of course samples of our delicious dishes! During our demonstrations we not only teach attendees how to make a healthy-but-easy recipe, but we give them time-saving food prep short cuts from the pros, cover basic cooking techniques, show how to scale a recipe, and talk easy swap outs to make dishes appeal to even the pickiest eater.

  • Smoothies & Shakes
  • Smart Snacking Station
  • Open (Granola) Bar
  • Crock Pot Creations
  • Mason Jar Salads
  • One Dish Dinners
  • A Healthy Something on The Side (easy, healthy side dishes)
  • Dessert Done Right

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Nutrition 365: Healthy Eating Made Easy

Nutrition 365 is a nutrition and lifestyle program designed by a Registered Dietitian that focuses less on tallying calories, grams, and points and more on optimizing your eating habits for a healthy body and healthy life. Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds, boost your energy level, lower your cholesterol, manage your blood sugar, finally learn how to read a food label, or are looking for tips and tricks to make healthy eating easier; this is the program for you!

What does Nutrition 365 Include?
  • Nutrition 365 Guidebook (also available as e-book)
  • Body Composition Analysis and Weigh-In at weeks 1 and 6 (optional!)
  • Group forum and open Q&A with our Registered Dietitian
  • Personal goal setting and progress checks
  • Weekly wellness challenges to help participants establish healthy habits
  • RD Support: Our Registered Dietitian is available by email throughout the program
Topics covered include:
  • Meal Planning
  • Decoding The Nutrition Label Reading
  • Navigating The Grocery Store
  • Dining Out Successfully
  • Metabolism
  • The Truth About Carbs, Fat And Protein
  • Portion Distortion Dilemmas
  • Mindful Eating
  • Managing Heart Health, Diabetes & Cholesterol
  • Healthy Alternatives
  • Eating Healthy On A Budget
  • Healthy Meals Under 20 Mins
  • Apps To Keep You On Track
  • And More!

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Ready to get started on your wellness program?

Contact Nikki Tierney, RD, LDN, CPT at